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EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) Design Services

EMC Consulting

EMC Hardware Design

EMC schielding concept and grounding concept
It is much easier and cheaper to prevent EMC problems than to cure them.
PCB Layout review
Carefull PCB layout is the essential start to secure a perfect EMC design.

EMC 3D Simulation
EMC simulation helps you visualizing the hot electromagnetic spots of your product while the project is still in virtual state. Check our 3D Simulation section to learn more.

EMC test assistance
Not familiar with the world of EMC?
We are here to teach, guide and help you with the EMC test and principles.
We can even do some tests in house (depending on the project).

EMC certification/ Qualification assistance
Are you lost in the jungle of EMC certification and official tests?
Not sure about which test is applicable to your product?
We are here to help you and guide you to choose which test your product requires.